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After-School Program

At United for Success, we have an after-school program (ASP) who focuses on academic support and enrichment programs.

Academic Support

Our academic support program helps students with all homework. Our after-school program also offer reading, writing and math support to students who do not have the opportunity for extra support during the academic day! Our staff members focuses on the needs and challenges students in their cohorts have and offer in class support.

Enrichment Programs

We understand that school is also the place where students learn to cope with social interactions so our ASP focuses on health activities where our youth can grow and develop friendships, determination and acknowledgement of their talents as future leaders and offer these programs:

  • Flag Football
  • Boys/Girls Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Boy/Girls Soccer
  • Media Arts
  • Cooking
  • Women's Studies
  • Leadership

*Programs tend to change every year. Check with ASP staff about programs offered.